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Blueberry Ice Cream (regs)

Blueberry Ice Cream (regs)

We took the infamous Ice Cream Cake cut that took the scene by storm and crossed it to our Blueberry OG stud to make a righteously unreal plant. The offspring are phenomenal. The Blueberry OG male brings that blueberry muffin terp profile on top of the gassy, creamy, cookie dough of the ICC and ands vigor and a quicker flowering time. It also increases the resin production and puts out some amazing washers. We put this into commercial production in MA and it was met with rave reviews and became a top seller in 2022.


The plants retained the overall structure of the ICC while picking up the terps and frost from the Blueberry OG. Expect long spear-shaped colas with a high calyx to leaf ratio. Easy to harvest and trim.


10 regular bird seed per pack


Flowering time: 56 - 63 days; early October outdoors

Highly mold and pest resistant

Easy to clone