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Blueberry Knockout (regs)

Blueberry Knockout (regs)

Lineage: Kimbo Kush x ('95AK47 x Blueberry OG)


The Kimbo Kush is one of Exotic Mike's best crosses in my opinion. There were several dank cuts floating around several years ago, but they've seemed to dissapear except for the few still in production at a few sites in different states. So, we popped a few packs and hunted through them to find the mother of this cross. She packed a serious punch. Her terps were mouth watering with a classic OG profile combined with a berry/fruity mouth coating fuel that left the tast on your teeth for hours. She dumped resing and made some of the best dry sift I've had in twenty years. So it was a no-brainer to cross her with our '95AK47 x Blueberry OG stud and watch the magic happen.


If you are an extract artist and are looking for a true washer, hunt a pack of these and you will be very glad you did. These plants are some of the best washers in our lineup. The WPFF and Live Rosin are connoisseur quality that you might choose not to share with your friends. I fully expect someone to win some cups in the flower and extract category with this cross.


10 regular bird seeds per pack


Flowering time: 56 - 65 days; late Sept to early Oct outdoors

Extremely resinous

great vigor, like to be topped, will need supporting

Very mold, mildew, pest resistant

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