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Blueberry Orange Gelato

Blueberry Orange Gelato

Travis' Orange Gas x ('95AK47 x Blueberry OG)

Travis' Orange Gas = (Orange Creamsicle x Sundae Driver) x Gelato


I was gifted some seeds one morning at breakfast by Travis from Taproot Farms and he told me they'd be special. When I germinated the seeds, I wasn't exactly certain what the cross was, but Travis is a trusted friend and an old school head so I had no doubt they'd be fire. However, I wasn't expecting just how stupidly loud these plants would be. To say they overpowered every other plant in the garden is an understatement. It wasn't uncommon to smell these plants two miles down the road on the way home. Even my neighbors were asking what smelled so good. The terpene profile is outrageously complex with orange peel being the dominant, but with a serious gasoline topped with a sweet cream and candied oranges. It made your nose burn each time you inhaled it. It's the kind of flower that no glass jar or container can hold the smell back. I took a few grams with me to friends to sesh with and I could still smell it in the car days after it had been out of there.


So I don't recommend these to anyone who needs to keep their odor in check - everyone will know.


This hybrid combines the oldschool traits of the '95 AK47, F4 Blueberry, Cali-O, Juicy Fruit and OG with the world class genepools of Sundae Driver, Sunset Sherbert, and Cookies.


There's a lot of backcrossing going on in this cross, with the OG and Blueberry being grandparents to several of the parents of this line. This helps to stabilize the cross with three phenos being expressed:

1. The OG pheno - these are very similar in structure to the OG with lanky limbs that form massive golf ball sized nugs along the branches. The plants like to be topped and respond well to LST and trellising just prior to the flip.

2. The AK pheno - these plants are stout and compact with massive colas and an insane amount of resin production that begins almost immediately in flower. These have more of the earthy, gassy, skunky orange terps and make amazing extracts.

3. The Combo pheno -  this is the pheno I like the best as it combines perfectly all of the amazing traits from each of the parents and grandparents. The plants have a more broad leafed structure during veg, similar to the AK pheno, but during flower they put on a lot of growth, keeping a tight nodal spacing, and producing serious bud sites. The buds have a high calyx to leaf ratio (one of the easiest plants I've ever trimmed), and turn a beautiful purple/pink hue with a nice bright green center.


We will be continuing our work with this line for the next several years, but it's just too amazing not to release some for others to enjoy.


10 regular bird seed per pack


Flowering time: 60 - 70 days; early October outdoors

moderately mold resistant

highly pest resistant and PM resistant

Does well topped and trained. OG phenos will need support


Here's a breakdown on some of the lineage:

Orange Creamsicle = (Cali-O x Blueberry) x Juicy Fruit

Sundae Driver = Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie

Gelato = Sunset Sherbert x Cookies

Blueberry OG = Willits OG x Blueberry


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