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Blueberry Wedding Cake (regs)

Blueberry Wedding Cake (regs)

As part of the Blueberry lineup, the Blueberry Wedding Cake is one of our favorites. We took the Wedding Cake cut and crossed it to our Blueberry OG stud and the offspring are nothing short of remarkable. Great for extracts and trimmed flower, this plant will not dissapoint. This cross is a little more difficult to grow, so if you're new to growing, this might be a tough one to start out on.


The terpene profile is where this cross really shines. She combines the best of both parents. Flowering times are about the same as the Wedding Cake, so a little patience is needed, but the results make it so worth it. Great resin production and excellent for WPFF/Live Rosin.


Limited release of only 20 packs


10 regular bird seeds per pack


Flowering time: 63 - 70 days; early Oct outdoors

Highly mold and pest resistant

Vigourous in veg; top often and train with trellis


    $100.00 Regular Price
    $75.00Sale Price