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Blueberry Punch (regs)

Blueberry Punch (regs)

Lineage - GDP (norcal cut) x Blueberry OG

This is our version of the infamous Purple Punch (GDP c Larry OG). Expect to find very similar phenos, along with excellent breeding stock.


We couldn't resist hitting the GDP with the Blueberry OG male. After running the Wrinkled Balls, which is a similar cross (GDP x 95AK47/BBOG), we knew that this combination would be a winner. The GDP is phenomenal when grown properly. However, it isn't especially well suited for commercial production due to its slow veg times - and sometimes underwhelming potency. The Blueberry OG adds much needed vigor to the GDP and significantly improves potency and terp production. Expect these plants to more than double in size after the flip to flower, with tight, dense christmas tree shaped buds that remind you of when your plug hooked you up with the fuego. Seriously, the bag appeal on this one is ridiculous.

The terp profile is classic old school funk - gassy, earthy, berries, and that dank smell that makes you turn your head to see who's holding out! If your market is longing for some dankness from their heyday, then you absolutely can't go wrong with this cross.

We've found some incredible washer's in this batch, like many of the Blueberry OG offspring.


Does extremely well outdoors and tolerates partial shade (she's a beast in full sun though).


Limited to 20 packs


Flowering time:

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